Yukon Arctic Ultra: Tibi Useriu finishes second


Tibi Useriu says, after finishing 2nd in the Yukon Arctic Ultra ultra-marathon in Canada, near the Polar Circle, that he has two touches of frost, a cough he hid from those who checked him, and emotionally the race dusted him: ” Dust and powder made me. ”

Tibi Useriu says that the last part of the race was the hardest because it was very snowy. About the race, he says it doesn’t compare to anything: “I thought I saw them all, but no, this was an experience … it doesn’t compare to anything. I have two touches of frost, but small. They checked me, my heart, everything, I’m fine, I can go back to Whitehorse. ”

Tibi Useriu said that he had stomach problems due to a protein that he could not consume any more and overall he felt bad, but emotionally the race “made him dusty. Dust and powder made me. ”

“Dear ones, I have reached the end, although this road seemed at one point without end. Thank you very much for your support. Without your good thoughts, I swear I’d be lost on the road. I thank Tășuleasa and I thank Via Transilvania, our way, of all, the one who sent me here in the delegation, as ambassador. At this time, my thoughts are few and simple. I say so: Sometimes, it seems difficult to turn back and just because you forgot somewhere the light bulb is lit. Going back to where you suffered trauma is a little harder. These two pictures put in parallel, tell the story of this adventure. I am happy that I made things right. I draw a short conclusion to a conclusion, before falling into a deep sleep: Let us not forget that our dreams, of each one, whether small or big, really matter. Without ideals, I’m afraid I will disappear. So let’s not give up on them whatever it is. Thank you, see you at home! ”, Wrote Tibi Ușeriu, on Facebook.

Tibi Useriu finished the Yukon Arctic Ultra on Thursday night after 170 hours and almost 500 kilometers traveled. He reached the finish line second, after the Swiss Fabian Imfeld.

Only the two managed to finish the Yukon Arctic Ultra 2020 ultramarathon.

Last year, also due to medical problems, Tibi Useriu was forced to abandon the race. He walked about 100 miles in 24 hours at temperatures of -38 degrees Celsius, and at the second stop, doctors who routinely checked him announced that he had to withdraw. He was transported by helicopter to Whitehorse Hospital, Canada, for specialty care because he had frostbite.


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