Volkswagen is interested in buying the car rental company Europcar


Volkswagen is in talks to buy the car rental company Europcar, which it sold 14 years ago, writes Reuters. Europcar has a market capitalization of almost 400 million euros, but the debts are high. Europcar has suffered from the COVID crisis which has brought traffic restrictions and made far fewer people use rental cars.

Sources say that the talks between Volkswagen and Europcar are far from over, an assessment will be made and the final result is uncertain. Europcar has a capitalization of 390 million euros, but the net debts exceed one billion dollars. Sources say that other companies are also interested in Europcar, especially investment funds. Interestingly, Volkswagen owned Europcar, which is sold in 2006 to the Eurazeo investment fund for 3.32 billion euros. If you are going to buy it again now, VW will surely pay much less than then.


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