Vodafone Romania and UPC have concluded the merger process


Vodafone Romania has announced the completion of the merger with UPC Romania, and as a result, UPC Romania ceases to exist as a legal entity, so that from now on, Vodafone Romania becomes the provider of fixed electronic communications services for UPC clients. All rights and obligations of UPC Romania will be taken over by Vodafone Romania, without changes in terms and conditions of the contracts of customers and suppliers.

The information available today on the UPC website will be found on the Vodafone website. Also, My UPC application will be renamed to My Vodafone Fix & TV, while its functionality and customer login data will remain unchanged. For customers who pay the bill through internet banking, UPC Romania will be replaced by Vodafone – for fixed services and TV. Customers who benefit from fixed & TV services provided under a contract with the former UPC company, but also from mobile services provided by Vodafone will still receive two invoices.

As for UPC stores, they will be gradually transformed and will have the specifications and configuration of Vodafone stores. They will continue to offer all services and operations specific to fixed communication and TV products and in addition to operations specific to mobile services. Vodafone Romania is a division of Vodafone Group, one of the largest telecommunications and technology service providers in the world. Vodafone Group has mobile operations in 24 countries, 42 partner mobile networks and fixed broadband operations in 19 countries. As of December 31, 2019, Vodafone Group had 625 million mobile service users, 27 million fixed broadband service users and 22 million TV service customers, including all Vodafone customers in merged and merged entities.


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