Vienna Airport will offer cononavirus tests for passengers


Passengers coming to Austria were asked to present a medical certificate issued no later than four days and stating that they were not infected with Covid-19, otherwise they would be quarantined for 14 days.

From Monday, passengers will be able to undergo a molecular diagnostic test for Covid-19 at the airport and will receive the result in two or three hours.

“Thus, traveling by plane, whether it is business or emergency travel, will become safer and easier,” said an airport statement.

Last month, Emirates, in coordination with the Dubai Health Authority, announced that it is the first airline to perform rapid coronavirus tests on passengers.

Vienna Airport has announced that people who are already in quarantine can leave if the test result is negative. Tests at the airport, which cost 190 euros, can be taken by passengers leaving Vienna to prove at the destination that they are not infected.

Austria has so far recorded more than 15,000 cases of coronavirus infection and 598 deaths.


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