US exceeds 4,000 deaths caused by COVID-19 that doubled in two days


Deaths from new coronavirus outbreak in the United States have crossed the 4,000 thresholds, doubling in two days, Johns Hopkins University announced Wednesday.

In total, 4,076 deaths caused by COVID-19 were recorded on Wednesday, since the beginning of the pandemic.

On Saturday, 2,010 cases were registered, according to data published by Johns Hopkins, updated continuously.

The new coronavirus killed a record 865 people in the United States in a single day on Tuesday, according to the university.

This acceleration has increased to 3,873 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States, according to the university’s Tuesday report.

The United States is the country with the highest number of registered cases (188,172) – with an additional 24,743 in a single day, the university announced on Tuesday.

The record for the number of deaths in a single day was recorded on March 27 in Italy – 969 deaths.


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