Ukraine claims new cyberattacks could target government agencies, banks, and the defense sector on Tuesday


Ukraine has been the target of a series of cyberattacks in recent weeks, for which the Ukrainian government has blamed Russia. Moscow, which is embroiled in a growing conflict with the West over Ukraine, has denied any involvement in the attacks.

Ukrainian government cybersecurity agency CERT-UA said Monday it had intercepted warnings on a hacker forum.

A message “referred to the rental of servers to organize new attacks on websites in the public sector, the banking sector, and the defense sector”, the agency’s statement reads.
Ukraine accused Russia last week of staging a cyberattack that shut down the Defense Ministry’s website and affected the activities of two state-owned banks.

Online attacks and warnings about potential cyber-attacks come as Western states accuse Russia of plotting an invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Moscow denies any plans to invade it but has called for security clearances as well as a promise that Ukraine will not join NATO.

Ukraine has previously accused Russia of launching cyber attacks to create panic and bring down its financial system.


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