Two strong earthquakes hit Croatia


Dozens of people were injured, and a 15-year-old teenager is in critical condition following two powerful earthquakes that occurred in the area of ​​Croatia’s capital Zagreb on Sunday morning. Most of the injured people have slight injuries.

The first earthquake had a magnitude of 5.3 degrees and was followed by a response of 5.1 degrees. The depth at which the earthquakes occurred is ten kilometers, the American Institute of Geophysics announced.

Several buildings in the historical center of Zagreb were seriously damaged by earthquakes. Also, many cars were destroyed by plaster pieces of bricks from buildings.

According to, the 15-year-old teenager was badly injured after the roof of her home collapsed.

The first earthquake was felt at local time 06.00 (05.00 GMT), and the second one an hour later. Many Zagreb residents took to the streets, but authorities urged them to avoid public areas, considering that the city is also experiencing a coronavirus epidemic. In Croatia, there are 206 confirmed cases of COVID-19. “Keep the distances. Don’t gather. We are facing two serious crises, the earthquake and the epidemic ”, told the Minister of the Interior of Croatia, Davor Bozinovic.


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