Two deaths were registered in the Romanian territory in the case of patients infected with the new type of coronavirus


Two deaths were registered in the Romanian territory of patients infected with the new type of coronavirus, the terminally ill cancer man admitted to Craiova, whose death has already been announced, and a 74-year-old man who had a chronic illness and was found out in the dialysis program admitted to the Hospital “Victor Babes” in the Capital. Another 66 persons, aged between 9 and 74 years. were diagnosed with COVID-19, the total number of illnesses reaching 433, 64 people being declared cured. Eight Romanian citizens abroad have died as a result of coronavirus infection. 129 criminal files were opened for the prevention of disease control and 520 contravention sanctions were applied.

“Today, March 22, the first 2 deaths were recorded in the territory of Romania of some patients infected with the new type of coronavirus. This is the 67-year-old patient confirmed with COVID-19 on 18.03.2020 at the UPU of Filiaşi Hospital and transferred to SCBI Craiova on the same date, the patient had very serious pre-existing conditions, end-stage neoplastic pathology (cancer). The second patient, aged 74, was admitted to the Clinical Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases Dr. Victor Babeş – Bucharest, transferred from the Emergency University Hospital of Bucharest, having a pre-existing chronic illness for which he was in the dialysis program ”, announces the Strategic Communication Group.

So far, 433 cases of persons infected with COVID – 19 (coronavirus) have been confirmed in Romania. Of the 433 people confirmed positively, 64 were declared cured and discharged (47 in Timisoara, 11 in Bucharest, 3 in Craiova, 2 in Constanta and 1 in Iasi).

Since the last information sent by the Strategic Communication Group, transmitted yesterday, March 21, at 1:00 pm, there have been registered another 66 new cases of illness.

Newly confirmed patients range in age from 9 years to 74 years.

At ATI, at this moment, 14 patients are admitted, of which 3 are in serious condition. The health of the other patients is good, stationary.

In the territory of Romania, in the institutionalized quarantine, there are 4,803 persons for whom checks are made to detect if they have contacted the virus COVID – 19 (coronavirus). Another 65,799 people are in isolation at home and are under medical supervision.

To date, at the national level, 9,967 tests have been processed, of which 242 in private medical units.

During the last 24 hours, 1,231 calls were registered to the unique emergency number 112 and 4,857 to the TELVERDE line (0800 800 358), open especially for informing citizens.

So far, through the authorized structures of the Ministry of Defense, 129 criminal files have been drawn up, for the crime of preventing the fight against diseases, a fact stipulated and punished by art. 352 para. 1 Criminal Code. At the same time, the Police applied 520 penalties for non-compliance with the isolation/quarantine measures.

Regarding the situation of Romanian citizens in other states, according to information obtained by the Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad, so far, 43 Romanian citizens have been confirmed as infected with COVID-19 (coronavirus): 33 in Italy, 4 in Spain, 2 in Namibia, one in Luxembourg, one in Ireland, one in Tunisia and one in France. Since the beginning of the epidemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and up to this moment, 8 Romanian citizens abroad, 7 in Italy and one in France have died.

Until March 21, 2020, 121,061 cases were reported in the EU / EEA, United Kingdom, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Andorra. Most cases were registered in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


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