The Romanian wine market is going through one of the best periods of the last decade


The Romanian wine market is going through one of the best periods of the last decade, the Romanians being more and more attracted by Bachus’s liquor while the producers are starting to pay more attention to how they “pluck” the wines. The latest estimates show that last year wine production reached 5.2 million hectoliters. This value places Romania in 12th place in the world and six in Europe, blowing Portugal’s head, one of the great names in terms of Bachus’s liquor production. Romania’s wine production increased by over 20% last year, with players talking about an exceptional year in terms of quantity. On the other hand, Romanian producers hardly make their mark on international markets, while Romanian wine continues to be considered cheap. Thus, only 3.5% of production goes to export.

By comparison, European statistics show that large producers such as Spain, Portugal and Italy export about half of what they produce. In the case of France, the share is at 30%, shows the previous data of the European statistics office Eurostat.

Of the total local wine exports, most go to EU countries, the rest on the “exotic” markets, leading China, the US, and Canada, shows the latest statistics of the Wine Producers and Exporters Association (APEV).

The most expensive wine reaches countries like China, Canada, and Poland, which do not produce wine. At the opposite end, in Spain, the Romanian wine reaches 1.1 euros per liter. However, this state is one of the largest producers and exporters in the world.

Market players specify that out of all the wine sent across borders only 15-20% is bottled, the rest being loose.


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