The relationship between Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks is getting more serious


Actor Liam Hemsworth and model Gabriella Brooks form a couple, the two being seen more and more often.

According to some sources, the two were caught a month ago having dinner in Los Angeles.

“Things between Liam and Gabriella are getting more serious, especially since they had lunch with his brothers and close friends. Liam could see how well she understood her loved ones. He believes in the relationship with Gabby and is very open to seeing where their relationship will end up, “said a source.

Another source added that it is surprising that the relationship between them has evolved so quickly.

“Gabby and Liam have been involved in serious relationships before, and it’s surprising how quickly the two of them understood each other. But things come naturally. They have friends in Sydney and L.A. in common, so they easily adapted to each other’s lifestyles. It’s funny that they don’t want to rush. But in reality, things have not been so. They like each other and they spent a lot of time together. ‘

In December, Liam was photographed for the first time with model Gabriella Brooks in Byron Bay, Australia. The two seemed extremely close, and besides this, the actor also introduced her to the parents, a sign that the relationship was serious since then.

In August, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced that they were breaking up after eight months of marriage, which was a surprise to everyone. Liam Hemsworth managed to get over the divorce from Miley Cyrus, a source close to him revealed in January that Liam “is much happier now.”


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