The Italian Federation will propose that the Euro 2020 be postponed


The president of the Italian Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, said the forum will propose the postponement of the European Championship.

“We will try to bring this championship to an end because it is fairer to end the many investments and sacrifices. There are European cups for which investments and expectations are very high. On Tuesday, at the UEFA meeting, we will address this issue: the main objective is to protect health. We will propose UEFA to postpone Euro-2020. The hope is to finish the championships on June 30, not to mention that besides Series the other championships must end. And we must also consider the Champions League and the Europa League, ā€¯Gravina told SportMediaset.

UEFA management will discuss, Tuesday, with all parties involved, about the reaction of European football in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and the future of competitions, including Euro-2020.


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