The Grand Prix of China’s Formula 1, postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic


China’s Formula 1 Grand Prix, scheduled for April 19, has been postponed for a later date due to the coronavirus epidemic affecting the country, organizers announced on Wednesday.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Formula 1 have stated in a joint statement that they have decided to postpone the Shanghai race.

“As a result of ongoing health concerns and after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus epidemic a global health emergency, the AIF and Formula 1 have taken these measures,” the statement said.

China’s Formula 1 Grand Prix joins a long list of sports events canceled or postponed due to the epidemic that killed more than 1,100 people, about 44,000 people infected in China after it broke out in Wuhan, the end of last year.

The Chinese Grand Prix was the fourth stage of the new Formula 1 season, which will debut on March 15, in Melbourne, with the Australian Grand Prix. The Shanghai race was preceded by the Vietnam Grand Prix, which will premiere on April 5.


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