The German REWE Group is the new owner of Eurolines


The largest Romanian tourism group, Eurolines, owned by Dragoş Anastasiu, will give to DER Touristik Group, part of the REWE German Group, all tourism activities – touring, retail, business travel and incoming – which at this moment operates three distinct companies (Touring Europabus, Danubius Travel, and Nova Travel).

The transaction, which was signed by the two groups in Romania and Germany and approved by the Competition Council, is due to materialize in autumn this year.

Eurolines’ touring, retail, business, and incoming activities will be transferred from Touring Europabus, Danubius Travel and Nova Travel to Travel Brands SA, currently owned by Eurolines. After this transfer, Travel Brands SA will be taken over by Exim Holding AS, based in Prague, part of the DER Touristik Group.

All employees and all offices will be kept and absolutely all current customers will still be served by the same collaborators with the same contact data and in the same locations as today.

As has been the case, Travel Brands agencies will market both the DER Touristik Group products (Dertour, ITS, Meiers Weltreisen, Jahn Reisen, ITS, Billa Reisen, etc.) as well as the products of 45 other German and Romanian tourists airline tickets and coaches, retaining the character of Travel Hypermarket in the future.

Concerning the transaction price, the parties decided to keep confidentiality.

Not accidentally, DER Touristik chose the Eurolines Group, which is the leader of the Romanian tourism market with 80 agencies under the brands TUI TravelCenter, TravelBrands and Eurolines, with an annual sales figure of about 150 million euros.

DER Touristik Group is one of the largest travel companies in Europe. With headquarters in Germany, the Group owns 130 companies with over 10,500 employees in 15 countries, with a turnover of € 6.7 billion, generated by about 9.9 million tourists annually. In our country, DER Touristik has been present since 2004 through Dertour Romania.

“As part of one of the largest travel companies in the world, Travel Brands, employees and tourists will benefit from a wealth of synergies and benefits in the future. To have a wide range of competitive products for Romanian tourists, it is useful to be part of a large network that acquires and operates globally. At the same time, without major investments in technology and online presence, touring and selling tourist products will no longer be possible in the future, “explains Dragos Anastasiu, founder and chairman of the Eurolines Group. ”

For the DER Touristik Group, the acquisition of the leader on the Romanian tourism market represents an important step in international expansion. “We will rely on the current management team in the future. The successful Romanian entrepreneur Dragoş Anastasiu teaches us a very well-established, well-run business that is recognized for his excellence services, “says Sören Hartmann, CEO of DER Touristik Grup and the businessman responsible for a business of 6.7 billion.

For REWE Group (including Penny’s discount retail network), the Romanian market is extremely important.

“I am convinced that in the future there will be significant increases in the tourism market in Eastern Europe in general and in the Romanian one in particular. With this acquisition, we are building the foundation for strong future growth in the East European market, both in the touring area and in travel agencies, “adds Sören Hartmann.

The Eurolines Romania group was founded by Dragoş Anastasiu in 1995 and today it is made up of 20 companies. It has more than 650 employees and has the largest distribution network of tourism products in the country, 4 franchised agencies in Germany, a fleet of 15 coaches and about 800 cars.

Since 2011, the Group’s agency network has operated under the TUI TravelCenter brand franchise, and since 2017 the Eurolines Group has begun developing a second brand of travel agencies, TravelBrands.

The REWE Group is one of the market leaders in the retail and travel industry in Germany and Europe. In 2018, the company generated total external revenues of about € 61 billion. Founded in 1927, the REWE Group now has over 360,000 employees and 10,000 stores in 22 European countries.

DER Touristik Group is one of the leaders in the tourism industry in Germany. It has over 130 headquarters in Cologne and generated total revenue of 6.7 million euros in 2018. It has a team of 10,500 people in 15 European countries.


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