The European Commission allocates to Romania over 1 billion euros for the fight against coronavirus


The European Commission allocates to Romania over 1 billion euros, funds for the management of the coronavirus pandemic crisis, according to a document published on the Facebook page of the Representation of the European Commission in Romania.

Romania will receive 483 million euros from the European Commission, by renouncing this year the obligation to request Romania to reimburse unused pre-financing from the structural funds. In addition, 637 million euros will be redirected, in advance of the structural funds given at the beginning of March and April, the money needed to fight the coronavirus crisis.

The funds will aim to support health systems by financing the purchase of protective equipment, medicines, and tests, adapting the healthcare environment to the current situation, ensuring access of vulnerable people to medical facilities and providing credit for SMEs. to mitigate the financial shocks caused by the COVID-19 crisis, according to Agerpres.

In Romania, 308 coronavirus infections have been confirmed so far. 31 of the patients were declared cured and were discharged. The authorities call on the population to inform themselves only from official and credible sources. At ATI, at this moment, 11 patients are admitted, of which two are in serious condition.


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