The coronavirus has reached Hollywood: Netflix stops production for all movies and series


Netflix stops production and filming for all its shows and movies after US President Donald Trump announced a national emergency in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

Among the most significant delays is season four of Stranger Things – one of the platform’s most popular series. A large number of studios and networks, including Disney, ABC, and NBC, have shut down the production of numerous series and movies following the global pandemic. On the other hand, Netflix has a library of movies and serials large enough that you can count on a constant stream of new content. Netflix content is global and larger than any other streaming service. Netflix had four new titles on Friday, and another nine are due next week.

Coronavirus has boosted streaming services, including Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus, to delay production. High-quality originals such as Marvel’s The Falcon and Winter Soldier for Disney Plus and The Morning Show for Apple are on hold, and Netflix has shut down all US and Canadian movies and TV productions. Most video streaming networks and services have established that they will review the situation in two weeks.


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