ShopMania BIZ becomes MerchantPro


MerchantPro is the new name under which operates the e-commerce platform ShopMania BIZ, which in 2019 registered business of 500,000 euros, up 15% on the previous year. ShopMania BIZ became MerchantPro following a rebranding process completed last week. The name change has taken place simultaneously in all countries where the domestic e-commerce platform has operations. Rebranding is part of an investment plan whose budget for 2019 and 2020 amounts to 400,000 euros.

The investment project also includes the development of functional clusters focused on managing multi-warehouse and multi-channel operations, process automation on these functional areas, and integration with third-party services, especially multi-channel and marketplace. Almost a quarter (24%) of the online stores using the MarchantPro platform are from outside Romania, the majority being in Serbia, Italy, Portugal, and Bulgaria. Globally, online stores using the MerchantPro platform have listed a total of 6 million products, of which over 5 million are listed on Romanian stores. Currently, there are 1,200 stores on the platform, of which over 80% are premium stores (subscription customers).

Subscriptions for annual plans start from 22 euros/month, and the average value is 45 euros/month. The most advanced subscription, Enterprise, costs 77 euros/month. MerchantPro is a project of ShopMania Net, which is aimed at eCommerce entrepreneurs in Romania and Europe, through eCommerce functionalities, professional support services, and personalized solutions. ShopMania Net had a turnover of 1 million euros in 2019. The company operates the price comparator and the e-commerce platform MerchantPro, which represents 50% of the business.


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