Raed Arafat accuses ROMATSA of not opening airports for medical emergencies


Raed Arafat said a new airbase at Jibău will be launched soon, which will streamline emergency medical intervention. The head of the DSU also said some airports are closed in the evening, and employees refuse to open it for medical emergencies.

“There will be three helicopters in the Ardeal area. We have helicopters Galati-Iasi, we have Constanta, Bucharest, Craiova, Arad will be the one from Jibau and, of course, Targu Mures “, mentioned Arafat.

The head of the DSU said that a problem with which the Department of Emergency Situations is confronted is the closure of airports in the evening, which makes it difficult to transport patients requiring transfers in the country.

“There are many localities with an airport near them. One of the problems we face is that many of these airports close in the evening and the major problem are that ROMATSA often refuses to open the airport for a medical mission. Not all, some areas, “Arafat said.

The quoted source said the opening of a small airport for emergencies should be mandatory.

“If we want to use this system, we have to make it clear that the opening of a small airport for medical emergencies must be mandatory, not the head of the employee. It happens once a week, it happens once every two weeks, you can not say “I can not open the airport to get the plane to take the patient,” says the head of the DSU.


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