Protests in Hong Kong over national security law


Hong Kong police used tear gas to try to disperse hundreds of people who violated a rally ban to march against Beijing’s plan to impose a “national security” law.

Protesters chanted “The revolution of our time. Free Hong Kong,” “Fight for freedom, stand by Hong Kong”.

The communist regime tabled a bill in the Chinese parliament on Friday aimed at banning “betrayal, secession, rebellion and subversion” in Hong Kong, a backlash against huge demonstrations by the Democratic opposition last year.

This project, announced on Thursday evening, caused outrage in the former British colony.

Opponents denounce in this project both the worst attack on freedoms in Hong Kong since the city’s return to China in 1997, and a violation of the “one country, two systems” principle that governs relations between Beijing and this semi-autonomous region.

Hundreds of militants were on the streets on Sunday chanting slogans against the government in the Causeway Bay neighborhood. They headed to the neighboring Wanchai neighborhood, where police fired tear gas, at least one protester was arrested.

On Friday, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said she was ready to “cooperate fully” with Beijing to enforce the national security law that Xi Jinping’s regime intends to impose on the former British colony, a semi-autonomous territory.


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