Protest in Victory Square regarding OUG 7


Protesters Bucharest

Protest in Victory Square against the Emergency Ordinance 7 which changes the laws of justice again. All those who have gone out into the streets demand the independence of justice and join the magistrates’ demonstrations in recent days.

They join magistrates from over 80 courts who have protested in recent days about the latest changes to the laws of justice.

“Prosecutors from all over the country have suspended their activity. Magistrates, prosecutors and judges alike protest daily on the courts.

We are solidary with all their claims and our message to them is not to give in to the Government! We are next to them, we appreciate their work and we will fight together for the same values! “, Protesters say.

The magistrates’ protests against Ordinance 7, which they say affects their independence, do not diminish in intensity, but on the contrary. On Friday, in dozens of cities, prosecutors and judges interrupted their work for about an hour and came to the prosecutor’s office or the courts.

There have been such demonstrations in Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj, Brasov and Oradea.


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