Pope Francis calls for global solidarity


In the fight against coronavirus, on Sunday, at his traditional Easter message “Urbi et Orbi”, and called for the cessation of conflicts, the relaxation of international sanctions and the cancellation of the debts of the poor countries.

Also, the Pontifical Sovereign warned the European Union that he could risk the collapse if he does not reach an agreement on how the region can be helped to recover.

The Pope pronounced the blessing of “Urbi et Orbi” in St. Peter’s Basilica empty, unlike in previous years when he spoke to tens of thousands of believers gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

The message of this year’s “Easter of solitude” should be “an epidemic of hope,” said Pope Francis, praising the medical staff and all others who risk their lives to save others, as well as those working in this period. in the essential areas.

“It is not a time of indifference, because the whole world is suffering and needs to be united in the face of the pandemic,” he said.

The Pope expressed compassion for those who could not say goodbye to their loved ones because of restrictions. Sovereign Pontiff added that it is time for politicians and governments to take firm action to help the people overcome the crisis and finally resume their normal lives.

“I encourage those with political responsibilities to work actively for the common good of the citizens, providing the means and tools needed to enable everyone to lead a dignified life and to encourage, when circumstances permit, the resumption of ordinary daily activities. This is not the time of indifference, because everyone is suffering and must be united to face the pandemic. Jesus rose to give hope to all the poor, those living in the outskirts, refugees and the homeless. Let not be left alone these weaker brothers and sisters, who live in cities and outskirts from anywhere in the world. Let’s make sure that they do not lack the necessities, which are harder to find now, when many activities are closed, with medicines and, above all, with the possibility of adequate healthcare. Taking into account the circumstances, at the same time reduce the international sanctions that hinder the possibility of the recipient countries to provide adequate support to their citizens, and all the states should be able to meet the greater needs of the moment, reducing, if not canceling, the debt. which presses on the balance of poorer states, “the Pope said.

Pope Francis has expressed concern about the future of Europe, saying that it is vital that the rivalries that existed before World War II do not regain power as a result of the pandemic.

“Of the many regions of the world hit by COVID-19, I have a special thought for Europe. After the Second World War, this beloved continent was able to revive thanks to a concrete spirit of solidarity, which allowed it to overcome the rivalries of the past. It is more urgent than ever, especially in the present circumstances, for such rivalries not to take force again, but for all to recognize themselves as part of a single-family and to support one another. Today, the European Union faces an epochal challenge, which will depend not only on its future but also on the whole world. Not to miss the opportunity to give further proof of solidarity, even resorting to innovative solutions. The alternative is just the selfishness of particular interests and the temptation of a return to the past, with the risk of putting to hard test the peaceful coexistence and progress of the next generations. ”

The Pope also called for an end to the conflicts, condemning the production and trafficking of weapons, but he also had a mind for migrants and all others suffering in the world.

“This is not the time of the divisions. Christ, our peace, enlighten those who have responsibilities in conflict, to have the courage to adhere to the call for an immediate and global ceasefire in all corners of the world. This is not the time to continue the production and trafficking of weapons, spending huge capital that should be used to care for people and save human lives. Let it be the time to finally end the long war that blew Syria, the conflict in Yemen and the tensions in Iraq, as well as in Lebanon. Let this be the time for the Israelis and the Palestinians to resume the dialogue to find a stable and sustainable solution that will allow both sides to live in peace. To end the suffering of the population living in the eastern regions of Ukraine. To put an end to the terrorist attacks against so many innocent people from different countries of Africa. This is not the time to forget. The crisis we face does not make us forget about so many other states of emergency that carry the suffering of many people. The master of life should show himself close to the populations in Asia and Africa who are going through serious humanitarian crises, such as in the Cabo Delgado region, in northern Mozambique. To warm the hearts of so many refugees and evacuees, because of wars, drought, and famine. To protect so many migrants and refugees, including many children, living in intolerable conditions, especially in Libya and on the border between Greece and Turkey; I don’t want to forget about Lesbos Island. To allow Venezuela to reach concrete and immediate solutions, meant to allow international aid for the suffering population due to the serious political, socio-economic and sanitary conditions ”.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all the papal ceremonies of the holy week were modified and performed without the public.

There have been eight cases of COVID-19 infection at the Vatican, while in Italy the balance is among the hardest in the world: 152,271 infected, 19,468 dead.


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