Orlando Bloom, quarantined after filming for “Carnival Row” canceled due to coronavirus


Orlando Bloom shared with Instagram fans that he will leave the Czech Republic to the United States to be quarantined as the producers of the Carnival Row series have decided to cancel the footage amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We say goodbye because we go home and we will be quarantined. We’re coming to the United States. I convey to you all my love and take care. I isolate myself. It sounds crazy all this work, but you have to do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe, “Orlando Bloom said.

The famous actor did not say whether he was infected or not, but several people in the United States were asked to quarantine in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading. A person can self-isolate if he has come in contact with an infected person or if he has traveled to an area affected by the virus, informs the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

And Orlando Bloom’s fiancee Katy Perry canceled a series of interviews due to the coronavirus. The singer spent the night at a hotel in Sydney after holding a concert, as a safety measure. In Australia, 126 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.


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