Nine dead in armed attacks in two bars in the German city of Hanau


The suspect was later found dead in his home, along with another person’s body, according to police, who said there were no other attackers. The investigation is still ongoing.

The reason for the attacks is unknown.

Bild reported that the suspect was a German citizen with a gun permit, and ammunition and chargers were found in his car.

The first attack took place at the Midnight bar in the city center and the second at the Arena Bar & Cafe bar in the Kesselstadt district.

The clientele of the two premises is made up mainly of Kurds.

Following the attacks, a seven-hour pursuit was launched while police searched for more shooters.

The initial death toll was eight, but it increased to nine in the early hours of the morning, with the person dying from injuries.

A local Hanau councilor, Katja Leiker, said it was a “terrible” night, adding: “Let’s hope the wounded recover will run smoothly.” It’s a horrible scenario for us all. ”

Witnesses reported hearing about a dozen gunshots in the first bar.

Hanau is located in the Land of Hessen, about 25 kilometers from Frankfurt.

“The house was blocked and investigated by the special police forces. Two bodies were found. One of the deceased is the most likely aggressor. Currently, there are no indications of the existence of another attacker ”, according to the police.

Investments to identify the victims and the suspect are ongoing.

This attack took place four days after another attack in Berlin, near the center of a culture where a Turkish show took place, with a dead man.

Germany’s gun legislation is one of the strictest in the world and has been tightened even more in recent years following other mass attacks.


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