Netflix has doubled its investment in the UK to one billion dollars


Netflix spending on movies and series in the UK has risen to $ 500 million in 2019, according to a spokesman for the group. A total of 50 programs have been funded by Netflix this year, including the famous “The Crown” series about the British royal family, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic.

The health crisis caused the filming to stop during the spring emergency. Filming could be resumed in strict sanitary conditions when demand increased.

“The UK is an incredibly important market for Netflix and we are proud to have increased investment,” he said.

“The Crown”, “Sex Education” and “The Witcher” are among the British productions that will be watched by the whole world, “he added.

Netflix has committed to producing in the UK for several years through an agreement with Shepperton Studios in west London, where filming of “The Old Guard” with Charlize Theron took place.

According to The Guardian, the UK is the largest production center after the United States for Netflix, which reportedly spent $ 17 billion this year worldwide on its programs.

In total, spending on film productions, including the new “James Bond” – “No Time To Die” and the UK series will amount to 3.7 billion pounds in 2019, according to figures provided by the association that deals with the film industry. Of that amount, 2 billion pounds financed movies and 1.7 billion series, mostly produced by Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.


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