Netflix and Samsung partner for dedicated video content


Netflix and Samsung have entered into a partnership to produce video content filmed with Galaxy S20 phones, released this week by the South Korean manufacturer.

The deal, which officially named Netflix as Samsung’s mobile entertainment partner, was announced Tuesday at the annual conference of the Korean tech giant, “Unpacked”.

“Taking advantage of the Galaxy S20’s pro-grade camera, Netflix and Samsung are working together to put the power of the Galaxy S20 in the hands of renowned directors to create content based on Netflix Originals series. Users can enjoy the best content from Netflix Improved integrations on Galaxy devices, which allow access to content via Samsung Daily, Bixby, and Finder, “said a statement from Samsung.

For Netflix, Samsung will allow users to launch Netflix content through its voice assistant Bixby. Netflix will also provide recommendations to Samsung users and be better integrated with certain Samsung mobile features, such as its search function and its Samsung Daily platform.

Although Netflix has not gone so far as to announce original series or movies only available to Samsung users, it will provide bonus content to users of Samsung devices that will not be found elsewhere. These include backstage footage, accompanying stories, and other bonus content – a good deal filmed by the new Samsung Galaxy S20 camera, of course.

Samsung, meanwhile, is hoping to use Netflix’s vast user base to its advantage, and demonstrate the video capabilities of the S20 series, according to Business Insider.

According to a Netflix spokesperson quoted by the publication, “content that will be filmed on the Galaxy S20s will also be available on and Samsung social media channels for everyone to enjoy.”


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