Minneapolis City Hall wants to disband the police department


Nine out of 12 councilors announced at a street protest with hundreds of participants in Powderhorn Park, south of the city, that they want to create a new system of public protection.

“This council will disband the police department,” said Councilor Jeremiah Elliason. The announcement was received with applause from the protesters.

On Friday, the council approved a ban on using immobilization on a person’s neck as a result of Floyd’s murder.

George Floyd, 46, was stopped by police on May 25 and questioned for buying counterfeit cigarettes. A video shows how he was arrested and, for more than eight minutes, one of the officers stood with his knee on his neck, while Floyd repeated with his breath. An autopsy showed he died of asphyxiation.

The incident sparked a wave of protests in many US cities, and demonstrations of solidarity took place in European countries, but also in Australia and Japan. Most of the demonstrations in the United States were peaceful, but in some of the big cities, they became violent.

Under street pressure, the four police officers were charged with murder and complicity in murder.


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