Ministry of Health, new measures in Romania, due to coronavirus


Nelu Tataru, the Minister of Health, said authorities are expecting a peak of the epidemic generated by the new coronavirus in the second half of April. At the moment, doctors estimate that there will be nearly 10,000 people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Romania. Tataru said that a second peak of the epidemic could be discussed. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health said a new military ordinance is being prepared with new measures.

The Minister of Health supports co Romania is preparing scenario 4 regarding the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic. This means that patients with mild symptoms will be treated at home, and those with moderate-severe symptoms will be taken to the hospital. Also, critical cases will be treated in the infectious disease sections and the ATI sections.

Nelu T─âtaru says that in this scenario, in which the number of people infected with the new coronavirus will exceed 2,000, the positive medical staff at COVID-19, but asymptomatic, will treat the hospitalized patients. At the same time, the support hospitals, 36 in number, will also receive infected patients in the 8,000 beds that these hospitals have in total.


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