London calls on Brussels to reopen Brexit negotiations


Raab urges the EU to review Brexit agreement with Theresa May’s previous British government, namely on the issue of “safety net” (“backstop “), a device of last resort, meant to avoid re-imposing a physical border at the Irish border.

Europeans refuse to renegotiate this agreement.

“If the EU’s position is that the withdrawal agreement cannot be changed – whether it’s additions or deletions – and this is their position today, then let’s be realistic: they will decide that the UK will leave without agreement and it is a responsibility on who will have to assume it ”, accused the new head of British diplomacy.

“We would like an agreement, but the” backstop “, in its current form, is undemocratic and will have to be suppressed,” he asked.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges the EU to show “common sense” and agree to reopen negotiations.

He could convene general elections in the UK after Brexit, scheduled for October 31, if he loses confidence in Parliament in early September.

In the previous parliamentary term, Parliament did not ratify the agreement negotiated by Theresa May.

But MPs have repeatedly rejected a Brexit without agreement and could oppose Boris Johnson if talks with Brussels remain deadlocked.


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