Leonardo DiCaprio supports Greta Thunberg


“It was an honor to spend time with Greta,” said the actor, a defender of the environment, calling the young woman “a leader of our time.”

“There are only a few moments in history where voices have a strong impact, at crucial moments and in ways that bring about change,” Leonardo Di Caprio wrote on Instagram.

He added: “History will judge us for what we do today, to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same habitable planet that we think is right for us.”

“I hope that Greta’s message will awaken the leaders of the whole world, to understand that the time for inaction has expired. Thanks to Greta and the young activists around the world, I am optimistic about what the future holds for us. Together we made an agreement to support each other, with the hope to ensure a better future for our planet. ”

At the beginning of a global mobilization for global warming, which started in England, in August, Greta and her father boarded a sailboat to New York to avoid air pollution.


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