Last year the music industry made $ 3 billion from YouTube


Even before Spotify, Apple Music and the rest of streaming services, YouTube was a primary and easy source of music for people. It has recently started to be increasingly monetized by the company owned by Google.

For the first time, YouTube is making public the amount of money that comes to the music industry from content for which it has broadcast rights.

Thus, in 2019, YouTube says it has paid the music industry over $ 3 billion. The amount includes revenue from both ads and subscriptions.

YouTube does not go into detail to say how much money was generated by ads and how much came from subscriptions. However, given the evolution of the two businesses, it is easy to assume that the bulk of the revenues came from advertisements.

The information is coming to shine more light on YouTube revenue, after the company recently announced, for the first time, that it produced $ 15.15 billion in ads last year alone.

According to the Alphabet’s Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Porat, most of YouTube’s revenue from ads goes to content creators.


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