Julian Assange was arrested


Julian Assange

British police announced on Thursday that they arrested Julian Assange for extradition to the United States, in addition to breaching bail conditions in the United Kingdom, reports The Associated Press.

Scotland Yard said in a statement that Assange was “also arrested on behalf of the United States authorities at 10.53 local time, after being brought to the police headquarters in London. This is an extradition warrant based on Section 73 of the Extradition Act.”

The WikiLeaks founder received political asylum at the Ecuador Embassy in London in 2012 after being released on bail while being targeted by an extradition request in Sweden for allegations of rape and sexual assault.

These allegations were abandoned, but Assange was still covered by an arrest warrant on the violation of the conditions of release.Separately, Assange has been targeted for years by the Department of Justice, in connection with WikiLeaks’s role in publishing hundreds of thousands of secret government documents.

photo source: foxnews.com


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