Jamie Oliver blames Brexit for crashing his restaurant chain


Famous chef and TV man Jamie Oliver says people have stopped eating in restaurants because of the uncertainty created by Brexit.

“My 40th birthday was shattered because I was still thinking ‘really, what’s going on here,'” Oliver told BBC Radio 4.

The program “Jamie Oliver: A Life Through Food” hosted the television man’s claims that he acknowledged that he was considered “big enough and smart” to cope with the changes brought by the Brexit announcement, following the referendum since 2016.

“The world has changed, the street has changed, it has started to be more User-based and our competition has changed, and we look less different than before,” Oliver said.

Most of the restaurants owned by Olives closed three months ago. “I’m sure I’ve learned an important lesson that will allow me to do incredible things over the next 20 years in a very, very different way, just because I don’t know what that way is for now,” the chef commented. , have a sense of gratitude for having seen the extraordinary best of it, and having had to live through the real worst of it – and that’s physically, mentally and financially.

About 1000 people lost their jobs when all 25 Italian restaurants, Barbecueoa and Fifteen, owned by Oliver were closed.

Oliver invested 13 million pounds to stop the restaurant network crashing, but the company lost 29 million pounds in a single year.


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