Instagram is testing a reward program for video creators


IGTV, the long-form video service within Instagram, will at one point benefit from a program that will reward creators with money resulting from advertising ads, Instagram chiefs confirm after the information appeared on sources in the US media.

There is no other official information at this time, beyond its name – “Instagram Partner Program”. The information came to light after references to this program were discovered in the Instagram application code.

Normally, video advertising revenue would be split based on predetermined percentages between Instagram and the content creators. If Facebook Watch percentages are kept, creators should keep 55%.

Facebook Watch, the video section of Facebook, shares 45% – 55% with video creators of revenue from the ads inserted in the middle of the footage.

IGTV, which was launched 18 months ago, does not appear to have evolved as the company chiefs would have wished. Only 7 million of the over 1 billion Instagram users have downloaded the dedicated service application.

Instagram eventually removed the button on the main screen that sent users to download the IGTV application. The new content discovery section of IGTV is full of videos copied from YouTube and clickbait.

Through a reward program for content creators, Instagram could solve the quality problem and manage to monetize its service.


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