India – Diplomatic protest over Erdogan’s claims about Kashmir


The Turkish ambassador to India was summoned on Monday by the Foreign Ministry, which has filed a diplomatic protest against President Recep Erdogan’s statements about the disputed Kashmir region and warned that they may influence bilateral ties.

During his visit to Pakistan last week, Erdogan said that the situation in Kashmir is worsening due to the radical changes that New Delhi has introduced to the majority Muslim population and that Turkey is in solidarity with the Kashmiri population.

The Foreign Ministry of India, a country that considers all of Kashmir part of it, told Turkish envoy Sakir Ozkan Torunlar that Erdogan’s explanations showed a misunderstanding of the history of the Kashmir dispute.

“This recent episode is yet another example of Turkey’s role in engaging in the internal problems of other states. India finds this completely unacceptable, “said Raveesh Kumar, the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

He said India had made a strong statement or official diplomatic note.

India withdrew Kashmir’s autonomy in August and ruled the territory under federal law with the idea of ​​fully integrating it and ending the 30-year uprising. Pakistan, which controls part of Kashmir, has criticized the measure, and other Muslim-majority countries, such as Turkey and Malaysia, have called on India to reconsider its action.

Narendra Modi’s government has imposed restrictions on Malaysian palm oil imports as retaliation, and officials said he plans to cut certain imports from Turkey as well.

India blames Pakistan for the uprising in the territory where tens of thousands were killed and accused Turkey of trying to justify its use of the “terrorism beyond borders” route.

“These events have important implications for our bilateral relations,” the spokesman said about Erdogan’s statements.

Pakistan denies direct involvement in the uprisings but said it offers diplomatic and moral support to the people of Kashmir in the fight for self-determination.

Erdogan told Pakistani parliamentarians that the issue of the Kashmir region cannot be solved by pressure, but by justice and fairness.


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