How Romania is affected by the explosion of the Russian rocket with nuclear propulsion


The president of the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activity (CNCAN), Rodin Traicu, said that the level of radiation in Romania, after the explosion of a nuclear-propelled rocket, in Russia, is still within normal limits.

“I can confirm to you that during all this period as we have done these monitoring throughout Romania, the radioactivity of the aerosol samples at a warning limit of 50 becquerels per cubic meter and alarm of 200 becquerels per cubic meter, did not exceed 5 becquerel (no – unit of measure for radioactivity) per cubic meter, in Constanţa having, for example 2 becquerels per cubic meter, and in Bucharest 4.5 becquerels per cubic meter. The smallest values are in Arad, Baia Mare, Miercurea Ciuc, Sfântu Gheorghe, Piatra Neamţ and Babele, that is to say all over Romania ”, stated Rodin Traicu.

Traicu also says that CNCAN conducts “24-hour comparative analyzes to track any variation of radioactivity in both aerosols and fixed and water deposits as well as gamma radiation.”

“We remain on alert until all the information collected both at European level with our partners from other regulators in the neighboring countries but also our analyzes, will confirm that there is no change in the radioactivity of the environment at European level or in any country bordering to Romania ”, concluded Rodin Traicu.


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