Gigi Becali announces that Dragos Nedelcu will leave for a team from Hungary


FCSB boss Gigi Becali announced Monday night that midfielder Dragos Nedelcu will be leaving for the MOL Vidi team in Hungary.

“Going to Hungary, where to go again? Going to Vidi. I agreed with them. 500,000 loan and 1.5 million euros in winter. People sent the offer today. I said” yes “and go to make a medical visit. loan for one year, and afterward they will give 1.5 million euros. I never said about Nedelcu with much money. If he does not agree with them, he will return. Nedelcu will play in Hungary in one leg. I gave him 2 million euros, ”said Gigi Becali, at Digi Sport.

Dragos Nedelcu, 22, has been at FCSB since the summer of 2017, having previously evolved at FC Viitorul. Becali paid two million euros for him.


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