Gene Reynolds, creator of the series MASH, has died


Gene Reynolds, a discreet American television giant known for creating with Larry Gelbart one of the most popular series in history, MASH, died at the age of 96.

The series, an adaptation of Richard Hooker’s novel, depicts the daily life of a team of doctors and nurses during the Korean War. With 121.6 million viewers, the last episode remains the most-watched of the series.

Gene Reynolds also participated in the creation of “Room 222” (1969-1974), the sitcom of James L. Brooks (“The Simpsons”), which was at the time the second TV series with a leading actor of color, Lloyd Haynes.

Gene Reynolds also produced “Lou Grant” (1977-1982), the spin-off of the popular sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. A prolific producer and television producer, he has filmed over a hundred episodes.

Reynolds began his childhood career in the 1930s with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in “The Wood Soldier’s March” (1934), before replacing former stars such as Spencer Tracy and Robert Taylor, Mickey Rooney, Judy. Garland and Errol Flynn.

Since 1993, for four years, he was president of the American Directors’ Union, which confirmed his death.


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