Four experimental treatments against the new coronavirus will be tested in the EU


A European clinical trial to be performed on a total of 3,200 patients has been launched in several EU countries, to test four experimental treatments against the new coronavirus, the French Ministry of Health has announced.

The four widely tested treatments target the following molecules: Remdesivir, Lopinavir in combination with Ritonavir (which may or may not be associated with interferon beta) and Hydroxychloroquine, according to a statement released by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), the body that coordinates medical research in France.

“This study involves patients we treat in hospital under strict supervision and who have access to these molecules, to test the effectiveness of the virus and their clinical evolution,” said Professor Jerome Salomon, Director General for Health (DGS) of France, in a press briefing. “It is very important to carry it out quickly under these conditions,” added the French expert.

The test will be “adaptive” and “very soon ineffective experimental treatments can be abandoned and replaced with other molecules that will appear after scientific research,” said Florence Ader, a specialist in infectious diseases at the Red Cross hospital at the University Hospital in Lyon. , who will coordinate this project.


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