Fortnite returns to iPhone and iPad


Fortnite can be played on iPhone and iPad via Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service.

Like any game streaming service available in the Apple ecosystem, the games offered, including Fortnite, can only be played in the Safari browser.

That’s because Apple doesn’t allow game streaming services to use a dedicated application to access games. Apple requires manufacturers to pass all games through the App Store.

Fortnite disappeared from Apple devices in August 2020, when disputes began between Epic and the iPhone maker.

The GeForce Now service is now in beta, and those interested can switch to a waiting list. A small number of those interested will receive access to the service and the included games sometime later this month.

GeForce Now is the only game streaming service where Fortnite is available. The manufacturer Epic did not want to deal with the American giants that offer streaming services, such as Google, Microsoft, or Amazon.


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