Floods in Spain: Hundreds of new evacuations in the southeast


Two campsites in the province of Alicante have been evacuated, one in Crevillent which houses 300 people and the other in Guardamar, according to a spokesman for the emergency services in the Valencia region.

A subdivision of the commune of Almoradi, with 200 inhabitants, was also preventively evacuated because it is near the river Segura, which has come out of the barracks several times in recent days, the spokesman added.

The last report provided by the Ministry of Interior before these last evacuations amounted to 3,500 people forced to leave their homes due to inclement weather that caused significant damage in the southeast of the country.

The record precipitation caused the death of six people, and the roads and railways were impracticable, with major floods being in the regions Valencia, Murcia, and Andalusia.

The weather is moving to the center of the Iberian Peninsula and the National Meteorological Agency has maintained the alert for torrential rains in 14 provinces.


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