Fire at the Infectious Diseases Hospital Constanta, nine patients from ATI Covid died


A fire broke out on Friday at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Constanta, at the intensive care unit. The red intervention plan has been activated. Patients were taken out the window in a dramatic rescue operation.

The head of ISU Constanta, Constantin Amarandei, declared that nine out of ten patients who were in the ATI Covid ward died and that they were found in bed.

He said no casualties were found in other areas of the hospital.

Amarandei added that in February there was a check at all medical units, especially those that provided Covid support, that irregularities were found and or sanctions were applied.

“The defects were fixed, everything was done according to the law,” said the hospital manager.

“All the notices were legal, everything worked, but trouble happened. We’ll see from what,” said the manager, who said he could not make further statements because he was sorry.

“I’m sorry, what do you want me to die here?” She told reporters.

“The network was checked, it was not oversized,” added the manager, who said there was nothing extra at the facility.

A criminal case has been opened for culpable homicide.

The case will be investigated by the prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Constanta Court.

Police and criminals left Bucharest for Constanța, where they will investigate with Constanta prosecutors. They will do research on the spot and take samples. Medical devices will be lifted for expertise to see if there was a technical malfunction or a human error.

Nine patients died, but now they said there are only seven patients died who to belive we don’t know.:(


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