Europeans spent $ 11 billion last year on games and mobile applications


The analysis company Sensor Tower has published a study on the consumption of mobile applications and games on the European market, which shows a significant increase in spending on these products.

In total, in the two major official games and mobile app stores, the App Store and Google Play, the Europeans invested $ 11.2 billion last year. The amount is 18.9% higher than in 2018.

But Europeans are not the best consumers in this market. The figure represents only 13.5% of the $ 83 billion generated globally.

The gap between the two platforms is not as large in Europe as it is globally. The App Store also generated more money ($ 6 billion), but Google Play was pretty close ($ 5.2 billion).

In terms of several downloads, Europeans made 24.1 billion installs on phones and tablets, 7.2% more than a year ago. Here, Google Play is the leading leader, with 73.1% of all downloads.

The European countries that have spent the most money on mobile applications and games are, in order, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, and Italy. Russia and Turkey are the countries where most applications have been downloaded.

Tinder, Netflix, and YouTube, in that order, are the applications in which Europeans have invested the most money. The most downloaded applications were WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.


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