Elena Ghenoiu, the former dancer of Romanian artists, plays with actor Jamie Dornan from “Fifty Shades of Gray”


Elena Ghenoiu

Elena Ghenoiu, the young actress and dancer in Romania, makes a sensation at Hollywood, alongside actor Jamie Dornan from “Fifty Shades of Gray”. The two play in the film “Untogether,” directed by Emma Forrest.

Elena Ghenoiu is part of the Untogether film premiere, which premiered April 8, 2018 at one of America’s most important film festivals and the biggest New York Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, and in February 2019 in LA. The Tribeca Film Festival was founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff in 2002 to encourage the cultural recovery of Manhattan after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

More than 1,600 films from over 80 countries have been featured so far and represent a very important platform for distribution in the United States.


The story of “Untogether” is a love story about a young woman named Andrea (Jemima Kirke), a former heroin addict, a career writer whose career has stagnated since he published his debut novel a few years ago. Although emotionally unavailable, it begins a passionate adventure with Nick (Jamie Dornan), a successful doctor and writer acclaimed for his wartime memoirs. At the same time, her younger sister, Tara (Lola Kirke), has a serious relationship with Martin (Ben Mendelsohn), an older rock star.

Although Martin is emotionally mature than expected to be a middle-aged rocker, Tara needs a little more than the current relationship. Soon, her relationship is deeply shaken when she gets attracted to David, a much older charismatic rabbi. Against the backdrop of Hollywood Hills infamous, the two English sisters start to sail their wild desires and troubled relationships. A modern romantic drama, Untogether (2018) explores the lives and relationships of four seemingly great characters, but whose inner lives are a wreck. In this film, Elena Ghenoiu plays the role of an alcoholic young woman named Tiffany. When Nick was released, she was in conflict with Andrea and Martin.


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