Earthquake in Vrancea, Romania


Romania – A magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred on Sunday afternoon, at 14:47 local time, in the Vrancea seismic zone, according to information published by the National Research-Development Institute for Earth Physics (INCDFP).

The earthquake occurred near the following cities: 73 km East of Brasov, 93 km North-East of Ploiesti, 99 km South of Bacau, 123 km North-West of Braila, 121 km West of Galati, 146 km North of Bucharest, 162 km Northeast of Pitesti, 186 km East of Sibiu, 181 km Southwest of Iasi and 210 km North of Ruse.

In June, a total of 20 earthquakes with magnitudes between 2.4 and 3.9 on the Richter were recorded in Romania.

The most significant earthquake this year occurred on January 31, in Vrancea County, at a depth of 121 kilometers, and had a magnitude of 5.2. The earthquake was also felt in Bucharest.


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