Dr. Max enters the Romanian market and opens over 400 units


Dr. Max, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Central and Eastern Europe, announced Monday that he is opening 418 pharmacies in 93 cities throughout Romania.

Dr. Max will be present in cities such as Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, and Constanta. By acquiring the A&D Pharma Group in 2018, Dr. Max is, at this moment, a top player in the Romanian pharmacy market.

“After a detailed analysis of the needs of the Romanian consumers regarding the retail market of pharmacies, the A&D Pharma Group has decided to respond to the needs of the market with two distinct brands: Dr.Max and Sensiblu. The Sensiblu pharmacy chain will thus continue to respond to the needs of clients in the urban area, in search of beauty and wellness products, through premium offers, top locations, and top quality services, in over 200 pharmacies in Romania. With this new retail strategy, A&D Pharma intends to become a leader in the Romanian market ”, the statement said.

All pharmacies will have a unitary design and a well-defined product classification system, to identify them by customers.

“We want to contribute to improving the level of health, starting from the real needs of the consumers who are at the center of our business model. This is reflected in everything Dr.Max represents: excellent value for money, proximity, personalized offers and customer service to the highest standards, ”says Cezar Zaharia, CEO of A&D Pharma Group.

Dr. Max’s brand is present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, and Italy and has the same objective to contribute to improving the health of consumers, offering a wide range of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical services.


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