Dan Barna proposes not taxing the minimum wage: Let’s stop imposing poverty


Barna said on Saturday in a press conference in Pitesti that “we should stop imposing poverty”, and this aspect is a measure that “takes a lot”.

“The minimum wage does not have to be a tax holder anymore. Zero tax for the minimum wage, because a company does not develop from the minimum wage. Not from the minimum wage, from the survival wage is a national budget built and then, if we want to, truth to encourage development and to encourage entrepreneurship, reducing work tax is one of the directions we are seeing, “said Dan Barna.
He listed as “a detail” the fiscal facilities granted to entrepreneurs, showing that businessmen primarily demand respect from the state.
He said that the president “is the political institution with the highest legitimacy” because it is directly elected by the citizens and, having their votes, the president “must put on the agenda of society the issues that people care about.”


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