Dacia will reopen production in Romania


Renault will resume production at the Dacia plant on April 21. Earlier, the French group announced that it would extend the break time in the plant, without further advancing a production resumption date.

Later, however, in the context of the spread of the COVID-19 virus globally and the evolution of the health crisis, Groupe Renault Romania announced that, in agreement with the social partners, it would extend the period of interruption of the production activity from the plants in Mioveni, without further progress. then a deadline for reopening.

At the same time, the Minister of Economy transmitted that the Dacia representatives are preparing a scenario for the resumption of production, to protect the health of the people, and he was optimistic that this would happen. maybe, in the second part of April. Now, however, the decision is for the Dacia Mechanical Plant and Chassis to resume production on April 21, with 250 employees voluntarily, in a single team.

On May 4, the Old Plant will resume its activity. To prepare it, the activity in the Presaj department will be resumed gradually and voluntarily, also from April 21, with 190 employees in two teams. From May 4, the activities of both plants will be resumed. Dacia ceased its activity after the establishment of the state of emergency in Romania. Kia Motors is the first car manufacturer to announce its employees that it will resume work in Europe, at the Slovak car plant, which it had closed on March 23. Employees were called to work by letter.


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