Dacia representatives are preparing a scenario to start production


Dacia representatives are preparing a scenario to start production to protect people’s health, and I am optimistic that this will happen in the second half of April, Economy Minister Virgil Popescu said on Thursday. “Dacia and Ford already have technical unemployment (employees – no), as well as part of the horizontal industry.

Dacia has over 16,000 employees, Ford 6,000. There are probably around 100,000 who work in the horizontal industry worldwide. They want to start things, but they are somewhat dependent on the industries in the European countries, on the big producers, on the supply chain. including those from Dacia, directly from the factory. They told me that they were preparing a production resumption scenario to protect people’s health. Think there are 16,000 employees, but I’m thinking workflow, to respect the distance of 1 – 1.5 meters between employees, have protective masks, biocides, hand gels so that the work is carried out safely This is something that I enjoy. That means that these people are thinking about giving way to production, “the minister said.

“I am optimistic that during April, maybe in the second part of April, production will start in Dacia,” the official said.


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