Coronavirus: Denmark reopens nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools after a month’s closure


Denmark is the first European country to reopen nurseries, kindergartens, and schools awarded after the introduction of restrictions on March 12, due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

But the hours were only resumed in half of the Danish localities and in 35% of the institutions in Copenhagen – the other institutions asked for more time to adapt the regulations in the field of sanitary security in force.

All institutions are due to reopen by April 25.

South Korean specialists in epidemiology and virology are working on developing antibody treatment against COVID-19. Testing is expected to take quite a long time, so treatment will begin in 2021.

South Korean press agency Yonhap said 38 different types of antibodies have been identified that are capable of fighting the virus. Researchers’ efforts are supported by government funding.

“A drug or vaccine is the only way to get rid of this pandemic,” said Yoon Tae-ho, a government official responsible for managing the quarantine situation.


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