Chief Mclaren says Formula 1 is in a very fragile state due to the coronavirus pandemic


McLaren Racing Director Zak Brown believes Formula 1 is in a very fragile state due to the coronavirus pandemic. He expects two to four teams out of ten on the grid to be affected by the economic crisis generated by COVID-19.

“This situation can be devastating for teams and if it is devastating for enough teams – which should not mean more than two – then it is very threatening for F1 as a whole. I could see – what is happening now in the world if not are we dealing with this situation directly and very aggressively – two teams disappearing? Yes. I could see four teams disappearing if the situation is not handled properly. And then, considering how long it takes to bring a team to F1 and Given the economic and health crisis we are in now, to think that there would be people lined up to take over those teams, as it has been overtime … I don’t think the time could be worse so I think F1 is in a very fragile state right now, “Brown said.

He believes that capping the teams’ budgets at $ 150 million for each, scheduled for the 2021 season, does not save F1 and would require a much more drastic reduction. He proposes a cap of $ 100 million or at most $ 125 million, considering that much of the 2020 season is lost due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This reduction would make the grid more competitive, reduce the financial advantage of large teams and help small ones achieve better results.

“I don’t think anyone is competing in Formula 1 just to get out,” he said.

On the other hand, the opinion of the big teams is that the capping of the budgets is not in the foreground. “Reducing costs to compete” is more important, believes Red Bull chief Christian Horner.

“In football, although everyone knows that Manchester United or Liverpool will win more often, each team has chances to defeat them, but in F1 it is not the case. And some teams put their sporting interests well ahead of the general good, they do not keep considering that they risk endangering the sport and then we all lose. You almost think they are uncomfortable with having a fair fight with teams that they may not have considered before as a competitor and it might be uncomfortable for them to have a fair fight because they have never been involved in one. In my mind, sport is a chance for everyone to compete fairly and fairly. It’s like a heavyweight boxer who just wants to fight with those from the middle, “Brawn replied.

So far, eight major awards have been postponed or canceled this season of the Formula 1 World Championship because of the coronavirus pandemic. The races in Australia, which was the first stage, on March 15, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands, Spain, and Azerbaijan are postponed, while the Grand Prix of the Principality of Monaco has been canceled.

The first step would be, under these conditions, the Canadian MP from June 14.


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