Car brand Dacia sets new sales record


Worldwide sales of cars and utilities Dacia brand increased by 5.1% last year to 736,570 units. “The Dacia brand has registered a new sales record for the seventh consecutive year in Europe with 564,854 vehicles sold (up 10.4%), an increase due to the performance of Duster and Sandero,” said the French group.

In a difficult global auto market, affected by geopolitical instability and trade conflicts, the Renault Group underlined that it managed to maintain a market share of 4.25%, given that the market registered a decrease of 4.8%. Renault points out that its sales have fallen less than its competition after rival PSA (Peugeot, Citro├źn, DS, Opel, Vauxhall) reported on Thursday that sales were down 10% to 3.49 million units.

Also, in Europe, its main market, Renault sales increased by 1.3%, ie more by 0.1 percentage points than the market as a whole, up to 1,945 million vehicles. But this increase is due in particular to the Dacia brand, which registered an advance of 10.4%, while the market share of the Renault brand decreased by 0.4 percentage points.

In Russia, the second-largest national market after France, Renault, thanks to its Lada subsidiary, has managed to grow in a declining market, consolidating its leading position with almost 509,000 vehicles sold.

“In 2020, we will benefit from the full-year sales of our successful New Clio and New Capture models, as well as the acceleration of our offensive on the electric and hybrid segments, especially the new ZOE, Twingo ZE and E-Tech,” said Vice – Sales President of Groupe Renault, Olivier M.

The data released by Renault also shows that last year the group sold 72,165 vehicles in Romania, where it controls 37.6% of the market. According to these data, Romania ranks 13th in the ranking of the most important markets of the Renault group.

Dacia company was acquired by Renault in 1999. Relaunched in 2004 with the Logan model, Dacia became a notorious player in the European car market.


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